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Hameed Shaqq, known as "The Pan Piper of Toronto" is a name synonymous with Steelpan music  excellence. Shaqq hails originally from Arima in Trinidad, where he played and learn to developed love and respect for the Steelpan Instrument.  Shaqq is primarily a solo  performer,  playing at private and public functions, Community centres, bookstores, libaries and schools. He was greatly  influenced and trained by some of the Virtusos of Steelpan music , including Earl Rodney, Junior Pouchet, "Birdie" the younger brother of pioneer Elliott aka "Ellie"Mannette, Leslie Bernard, Prince "Brigo"  Rodney, Garfield"Charlie" Joseph, George "georgie" James, Tommy Crichlow  and others, while playing Steelpan with Invaders, Silver Stars, Arima All Stars and also original member of Arima Pan Pipers Steelband. During the seventies Shaqq primarily played with Harmonites;  the first, four times Panorama Champion.  Harmonites thrilled international audiences at events such as the World Fair held in Zurich {1972} OAS Conference in Altanta Geogia USA (1974), Festival of Spain playing at venues across Spain {1975}. Shaqq toured various Caribbean countries and was invited to the Dominican Republic to conduct Steelpan workshops with members of  Konkiti Calyspo Boat Crew. Shaqq has represented Canada's Caribana presentation at the Chinese International New Year Celebrations  in 2004 and 2005 in Hong Kong. Also performed at Ontario's House in the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010.

Since becoming a Toronto resident in 1978, Hameed has expanded his awesome talent onto the Canadian music scene, entertaining and educating Canadians audiences.  Shaqq is an innovative Canadian steelpan  musician and with regards to Steelpan and education, he has been teaching and  describing the origin and evolution of the steelpan , explaning the fabrication while demonstrating techniques for  playing the instrument with  students of all ages. His passion for the Steelpan Instrument has led him on a ongoing quest to publicize and promote the world's youngest acoustic instrument. The universal appeal of Shaqq's Steelpan music is evident in the wide variety of his clients, which includes, the  2013 Beishan World Music Festival in Zhuhai, China,  the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics hosted by Ontario House, the NBA, where he played solo on the American anthem, First annual Eglinton Jazz Festival, other events included The Beaches Jazz festival, Harbourfront Entertainment Centre, Canadian National Exhibition {CNE}, University of Toronto {Hart House} Rexdale Microskills, Ontario Early Childhood Centres, North York Hospital Foundation, Hamiltom-Wentworth D, Sprucedale, Brookside Bluewaters Secondary Schools(Accredited Volunteer), Toronto General Hospital, Humber Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Nelson Mandela Park Public School, Dunrankin Public School {Malton} Leslieville Public School. Many other venues such as the  Old Mill Inn and Spa, Delta Chelsea Hotel, Michealangelo's Banquet Hall, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sheraton Hotel, Liberty Grand has feature the Panpiper in Dinnners and other Events..

Hameed Shaqq is no stranger to the media and has made both radio and television appearences on programmes such as YTV'S Music Mondays Breakfast TV, Much Music on City TV, the Garden Show on the New VR (Barrie),  Fairchild TV{Asian network} Christine Crushing Cooking Show {Food Network} Canada AM {CTV} TVO, CBC Radio One; Metro mornings with Andy Sheppard, Go with Brent Bumbury. CKLN 88.1 FM with Andy Barrie, FM 93.5 with Dr Jay's Soca Theraphy, York University's Radio announcer, William Doyle Marshall  "My Data Bag" on FM 105.5 also hosted the Panpiper.

In Canada Shaqq has being with several phenomenal Artiste including the Opheus Chior of Toronto under the directorship of Robert Cooper, Dougie Richardson saxophonist, Mark Mosca Steelpan Specialist, Archie Alleyene internationally acclaimed jazz drummer, Dwyane Morgan, Clifton Joseph Dr Afua Cooper
Poets/authours/performers, Kingsley Ettienne organist , composer,arranger, Sharron McLeod Jazz Vocalist,  Jay Douglas, Bernie Pitters , famed Sudanese artiste WaleedAbdul Hameed, Chicago born flutist and composer Westley "Jeribu" Carson, Brent and Liam Titcomb Canadian folk singer / composer/guitarist, and well known  kevin Cooke, six string bassist from Toronto. Also performed with Caribbean Folke Performers. Planet Pan is an original  musical expression for the Series of CD from Volume 1 and continuing. Volume II "Pan for the People" a live performance recorded by CBC Radio One, at the Toronto District School Board honoring  Nelson Mandela by re-naming Park Public School in his name. Volume 3 a raggae, calypso jazz mix can be viewed: www.youtube.com/panstyx

Theme song: recodered by CBC Radio One
Arranged and composed by Hameed Shaqq
"Pan for the People"
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